Jami Montagnino, MD

Dr. Jami Montagnino is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedics at Tulane School of Medicine. She enjoys treating a wide variety of sports and musculoskeletal conditions through a non-surgical and patient-centered approach. Her goal is to help all patients understand their condition through quality patient education so that they may work towards being as functional and active as possible.  

Troy Smith

Troy serves as a Psychometrist for the Center for Sport. Troy’s responsibilities include scoring and administering psychological testing batteries for the Center. This includes programming related to Tulane Athletics, the Trust Brain and Body Assessment and Tulane Center for Brain Health. As a Psychometrist, Troy has administered neurological and psycho educational batteries to all ages at Jefferson Neurobehavioral Group. He has tested and rehabilitated patients with autism spectrum disorder for three years at Spears Learning Center. 

Kayla Scott, MHS, LPC-S, CCTP

Kayla Scott is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). She earned her Bachelor of Liberal Arts in 2011 and Master of Health Sciences in Rehabilitation Counseling from Louisiana State University Health Science Center of New Orleans in 2013.

Renee Latino

Renee is a Speech-Language Pathologist who serves former players referred to the Professional Athlete Care Team Clinic (PACT) by providing cognitive-communication evaluations, education and follow-up care. Renee has more than 20 years of experience as a medical Speech Pathologist in the New Orleans area and specializes in treating cognitive and communication impairments that are a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, or neurologic disease.

Andrea Booth

Andrea Booth serves as the Intake Coordinator for the Tulane University Center for Brain Health. As part of the intake team, she will be responsible for coordinating the schedules for various providers, as well as booking travel and other logistics for the veterans. She is a licensed, ordained minister who has worked with homeless veterans through her church.

Jacques Courseault, MD

Whether you are an athlete or “normal everyday person,” Dr. Courseault takes great pride in helping people recover from injuries that do not require surgery. Through his experiences as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, Associate Chief Resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Fellow in Sports Medicine, he has learned many ways to evaluate and treat patients using conservative measures. He will take the time to learn more about the cause of your injury and examine your individual biomechanics that may be contributing to your discomfort.

Cheryl Abana-Emmer, MHS, CRC, LRC, CCM

Cheryl Abana-Emmer is a Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Case Manager for the Tulane University Center for Brain Health. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of New Orleans in 2008 and Master of Health Sciences in Rehabilitation Counseling from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in 2011. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Whitney Ruse

Whitney Ruse serves as Program Manager for the NFL Player Care Foundation Healthy Body and Mind screening program. Prior to this role, Whitney served as Executive Secretary to Dr. Gregory Stewart. She continues to assist in the coordination of activities within the Center and is vital to the day-to-day operations of our leadership and clinical staff.

Whitney received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Georgia Southern University in 2015.


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