Tulane University Center for Sport —
Where Athletics Meet Academics

Now, more than ever, sport’s common thread unites people across the globe and in every culture, from the Olympics to World Cup Soccer to the Super Bowl. Sitting at the intersection of athletics and academics, the Center for Sport harnesses the unique power of sport to unite, challenge, and inspire.

Backed by Tulane University and relationships with national and professional sports organizations, the Center for Sport has developed an interdisciplinary network of resources, knowledge and experience — all under one “roof” — that puts us in a unique position to view sport from a 360-degree perspective. University professionals from every academic and practice area at Tulane engage their expertise and collaborate to advance our mission to:

Educate current and future professionals in all areas of the sports industry.

Improve the emotional and physical lives of athletes by advancing cutting-edge sports research and health services.

Inspire social change by promoting the powerful impact of sports and the role of athletes in communities.

Our work promotes cross-campus connections that allow us to examine crucial problems facing athletes, sport and society, as well as develop careers and innovative answers to issues that affect the sports industry.

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2020 Annual Report

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About the Center for Sport


The Center for Sport is devoted to studying, supporting and achieving in all areas where sport engages people — on the field of play, in human health and professional careers, and in our community.

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