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Message From the Directors

Sports are so much more than just the games we play.  Sports have captured the world’s imagination throughout history and now more than ever, act as a common thread which unites people of all cultures across the globe. It is a universal language that is deeply woven into our societies and touches nearly every aspect of our lives.  It tests the limits of human performance and mental fortitude, promotes discipline and perseverance, stokes the competitive spirit, and encourages teamwork. These are unanimously admired qualities that transcend athletics. 

The benefits of sport extend far beyond the playing field. Participation in sport enhances health and academic achievement, supports family life, boosts the economy, and instills civic pride.  But perhaps the greatest aspect of sport is its ability to unite and inspire. 

The Center for Sport's purpose is to improve the world by harnessing the unique power of sport to unite, challenge, and inspire. We will do that by making sport the centerpiece of a comprehensive interdisciplinary program for research, education, service, and community engagement.  Because sport is so universal it affords ideal means to cross academic boundaries and work collaboratively to examine crucial problems facing both sport and society. Tulane faculty and experts across a wide range of fields, including medicine, law, natural and social sciences, business, security, media and communications, social work, and public health will collaborate to help us achieve our mission.

Despite the tremendous advantages that come from sport there are also special challenges for athletes. The risk of injury is ever present for athletes at all levels. Fortune and fame bring inherent troubles for some professional athletes and at times emotional and behavioral problems that may overshadow success. The Center for Sport will provide customized support, training, and treatment that harnesses all of Tulane’s resources to assist athletes and improve their physical and emotional well-being.

We will strive to ensure that the lessons learned in the classroom are combined in creative ways to solve problems on the field, in the boardroom, and in the community. We want to educate not only our students but also the public at large. We will host speakers, conferences, and trainings, publish research, give and take interviews, and disseminate knowledge through blogs and other social media.  Through education, we hope to enhance understanding and appreciation for sports ability to effect change in our society.

When you combine the resources of a world-class research institute with the spirit, history, and rich sports culture of New Orleans you get an unparalleled opportunity to positively impact athletes, students, and the community today and well into the future.