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Meditation Mondays: Forgiveness Meditation


Make Mondays better.

Join us for a 15-minute mindful meditation guided by Jeremy Brewer, LCSW, a clinical navigator for the Tulane University Center for Brain Health.

Meditation and other mind-body skills are effective self-care tools that can help us manage stress by regulating our nervous system, calming our minds and giving us space between emotions and reactions. In this 12-week series, we will explore and practice using these tools for ourselves.

No registration required!

ZOOM LINK: http://bit.ly/TUCBHmindful


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Meeting Recording: https://tulane.zoom.us/rec/share/GpJuJyyoPFqGK9r0Kl3rrxbwyiHVWZVozPwju5NPCKbY0tn-G4QtPN5b7dmuhvaP.oidErwxnQDGbUt0Z

Meeting Recording: https://tulane.zoom.us/rec/share/yQHyG784vWLLaEMSw5m-dnZfjdId2R7hG-TjgzSXfPsaWN-2pv6JQ0r9WRUR9uB9.Cg7BKk72a7knF7dC

For more information contact: Jeremy Brewer via email to jbrewer3@tulane.edu