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The Center for Sport at Tulane University is poised to be the only institution in the United States with athletes and sport as the centerpiece of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program for research, education, and service.  University professionals from every academic and practice area at Tulane will engage their expertise and collaborate to advance sports-specific research, educate future sports professionals, train and treat athletes, and partner with athletes to create social change in their communities.

Sports and athletics have captured the world’s collective imagination throughout history.  It is often said that sport is the universal language.  Now, more than ever before, sport’s common thread unites people across the globe and in every culture, from the Olympics to World Cup Soccer to the Super Bowl.  In the university setting, sport is an ideal vehicle to cross academic boundaries and bring together students and professionals from each of Tulane’s schools and centers.

With strong anchors in the School of Law and School of Medicine, the Center for Sport at Tulane University is poised to reach the next level of national recognition and success by providing support for athletes of all ages, as well as professionals in an ever growing and evolving field.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith on analytics in sports

Richard Smith, Executive Director of Basketball Operations for the Utah Jazz discusses the role of analytics in sports.

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Melissa Goldenberg
Melissa Goldenberg on legal careers in professional sports

Melissa Goldenberg, general counsel for the Phoenix Suns, discusses the value of Tulane's sports law program for students seeking careers in sports.

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Ben Lauritsen
Ben Lauritsen on brands and basketball

Ben Lauritsen, senior vice president for legal and business affairs for the Portland Trailblazers talks about the variety of brands and intellectual

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NBA journalists
Journalists on covering the NBA

Journalists who cover the NBA talk about the complexities of covering professional basketball.

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