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Professional Athlete Care Team

"Once you're ours, you're always ours. Everyone is considered family here."

Since 2011, the Professional Athlete Care Team (PACT) has been caring for retired professional athletes through partnerships with the National Football League and National Football League Players Association.  PACT is a distinctive care model designed to meet the specific needs of former professional athletes' health and safety both on and off the field. Privacy and transparency are hallmarks of the program, allowing professional athletes the freedom to discuss their health in an open, trusting environment. The PACT program is unique in that uses athletic trainers as navigators to provide former athletes with a higher level of comfort and familiarity.

"You have to feel safe enough to disclose what you’re really going through. When you can be yourself – not the guy under the helmet – your transparency and vulnerability becomes a strength in helping you get better and stay healthy."

Jabari Greer, former New Orleans Saints cornerback and Super Bowl champion

NFL Player Care Foundation

NFL Neurological Care Program: In 2011, Tulane became one of five medical centers in the U.S. that partnered with the NFL Player Care Foundation to evaluate and treat possible neurological conditions among retired players.  Our neurological specialists provide comprehensive evaluations of brain and spinal function along with an individually tailored treatment plan for eligible players. 

Healthy Body and Mind Screening Program: Tulane is also the sole provider for the NFL Player Care Foundation’s Healthy Body and Mind Screening Program, supported by the NFL Alumni Association. This free national screening program is open to all former NFL players and includes a series of cardiovascular and prostate screenings and mental health resources and education. The screenings are offered as part of the NFL Player Care Foundation’s research programs, which help to advance public awareness and scientific understanding of health issues that affect former NFL players. With consent from players participating in screenings, clinical information gathered is used for important research initiatives that may lead to advances that improve the lives of NFL retirees.

NFLPA - The Trust

Brain and Body Assessment:  In 2013, Tulane became one of four sites for the NFLPA's Brain & Body Assessment - a set of screenings and tests designed for the former player who has played in the league in the past 15 years. Following their assessments players are given a plan of action that they can follow in their home community.

Milestone Wellness Assessment: In 2017, the NFLPA Trust announced its Milestone Wellness Assessment program which provides screenings and tests designed for former players who have been removed from the NFL for 15 or more years.

Mission and Values

Mission: The Professional Athlete Care Team (PACT) takes pride in caring for the overall health and well-being of all former professional athletes. PACT provides athletes with facilitated access to comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans.


  • We operate as a team with each player's success being the sole measure of our own success, individually and collectively.
  • We empower players to take charge of their health, careers, finances, and growth.
  • We find solutions, not excuses.
  • We embrace good ideas, regardless of from whom they come.
  • We over-communicate and under-complain.
  • The Trust Staff and Partners exhibit teamwork and absolute commitment to the Mission and Principles.
Facts and Figures
  • The PACT team has provided world-class health care to over 1,500 former professional athletes since its inception in 2011.
  • The PACT team provided health screenings for over 150 former NFL players at Super Bowl LI in Houston in February 2017.
  • The PACT team has helped over 400 Brain and Body patients from 31 states with their health care needs since November 2013