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January 03, 2023 5:30 PM



We have several positions currently posted. 

Senior Program Coordinator / Patient Navigator 

The Senior Program Coordinator will be clinic based and outreach focused as part of the Tulane University Center for Brain Health (TUCBH). This position will assist in maximizing the health and wellness of military veterans and first-responders through the provision of facilitated access to high quality comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC25501

Case Manager

The Case Manager at Tulane Center for Brain Health will coordinate referrals to resources within the community to further address medical, mental health, behavioral health, and social needs of the patient. Responsibilities may include: clinical and coordination of services management, patient assessment, treatment planning and coordination, multidisciplinary staffing, case management and ongoing program monitoring and development.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC24823

Clinical Patient Navigator - Intake

The Clinical Navigator at Tulane Center for Brain Health will work within a team setting to assess patient clinical needs. The Clinical Navigator will complete an extensive medical record review and an intake assessment interview with patients to determine if they are appropriate for participation in the Center for Brain Health program. This position will work closely with the Director of Clinical Operations and also communicate with the clinical team regarding traumatic brain injury and psychosocial history to include at-risk social and behavioral patients entering the clinic.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC25356

Clinical Therapist

The Clinical Therapist will work within a comprehensive interdisciplinary medical team to assess patient care needs. The position will provide behavioral health (BH) assessments to identify patients’ level of psychological function and treatment planning needs. The therapist will provide education and trauma counseling addressing a wide range of behavioral and social needs of patients.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC23804

Nurse Coordinator

The Nurse Coordinator at Tulane Center for Sport will work within a comprehensive, interdisciplinary medical team to assess patient care needs. This position will primarily focus on the clinical coordination for patient relations related to Tulane Center for Brain Health and Professional Athlete Care Team (PACT) clinicians and affiliates. The major function of this position is to provide high-level clinical and operational support for the clinical intake team to ensure goal achievements.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC22749


The Psychometrist position is responsible for administering and scoring psychological test batteries for the Center for Sport, including programming related to The Trust (Powered by the NFLPA) Brain and Body / Milestone Wellness Assessment powered by the NFLPA and the Veterans Brain Health Center at Tulane University Medical Center. Evaluates cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, behavioral, and emotional status including those patients which are difficult, complex or have disorders in a specialty, in order to assist Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and other medical professionals in treatment decisions.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC25408


The Center for Sport psychologist works within a multidisciplinary team to assess patient needs for all of the Center's clinical programs. The primary responsibilities are divided between the interrelated functions of clinical management and some research practice. Duties include: patient assessment, treatment planning and coordination, counseling, multidisciplinary staffing, research, and ongoing program monitoring and development. Follow-up with appropriate services locally and nationally is required. The position reqires working closely with university resources, such as the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, Tulane Athletics, and other academic departments, as well as contracted entities, such as the NFLPA Trust, Avalon Fund Veteran Networks, and others as needed to address the needs of the athletes, veterans, and their families. The candidate must be capable of using appropriate digital tools for communication and data analysis to support patient care, to enhance interoffice and intra-office communications, and to maintain confidentiality and requirements of HIPAA.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC19853

Physical Therapist (PRN)

The Physical Therapist (PRN) at Tulane Center for Sport will work within a comprehensive interdisciplinary medical team to assess patient care needs. This position will primarily focus on evaluation and treatment therapy skills to provide cutting-edge care for Tulane Center for Brain Health patients with persistent post-concussive symptoms as a result of military service and elite athletic participation, with a primary focus on high-level physical performance, visual-vestibular integration conditioning and related cervicogenic therapies. The position will also assist with the physical assessment components of the Professional Athlete Care Team (PACT) clinic. Responsibilities include: patient physical assessments, therapeutic intervention and treatment planning and coordination, and progress reporting and follow up.

Learn more & apply: https://jobs.tulane.edu/position/IRC23210