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Sports Medicine

The Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine (TISM) takes pride in a multi-disciplinary treatment team who support the athlete’s health and safety, both on and off the field. We’re the official sports medicine provider for all Tulane and Loyola University New Orleans student athletes and more than 25 area high schools. 

TISM offers clinical exam rooms, x-ray, MRI, a Human Performance Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Neuropsychology services, all provided on-site. Our affiliation with the Tulane University School of Medicine - one of the nation’s most recognized centers for medical education - allows us access to three hundred fifty physician specialists training the next generation of doctors, available to devote time and expertise to developing state-of-the-art programs for current and former professional athletes.

The Institute also houses the Professional Athlete Care Team (PACT). Tulane's PACT provides health care programs to former professional athletes. Through several partnerships with the NFL, NFLPA, and NFL Player Care Foundation Tulane provides care to former professional athletes across the country. 

NFL Player Care Foundation Neurological Care Program

Tulane is one of five medical centers in the NFL Neurological Care Program which evaluates and treats possible neurological conditions among retired players. The program assists players with coordinated care at excellent healthcare facilities nationwide. Tulane has a team of specialists available to retired NFL players, led by a neurologist who serves as the program director.

Healthy Body & Mind Screening Program

This free national screening program is open to all former NFL players and includes a series of private and confidential cardiovascular and prostate screenings and mental health resources and education.  Tulane is the sole clinical and research partner and provides 10 different screening a year, mostly at NFL cities and at major events, like the Pro Football Hall of Fame Week and Super Bowl.  In the days leading up to Super Bowl 51, Tulane provided screenings for approximately 175 athletes. Overall Tulane sees over 500 athletes per year through this program.

The Trust - Brain and Body

The Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine was selected along with three other hospitals to provide medical care and support for former NFL players through The Trust, set up by the National Football League Player's Association.  A former NFL player’s health is the starting point for a successful transition to life after football. The Trust's Brain and Body program is designed to assess health needs and provide world-class medical care.

The multidisciplinary treatment team at Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine (TISM) takes pride in their services to support players’ health and safety both on and off the field. The Brain and Body Health Assessment at TISM provides players with facilitated access to comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans. Those plans target and reduce potential health risks, promote overall wellness and determine players' potential health problems. If players wish to include their significant other and/or family members, the TISM team is available to provide education concerning the medical condition(s) that are identified by the evaluations and the treatment(s) that are recommend.

Each player participating in the Brain and Body Health Assessment at TISM is assigned a care manager who will ensure rapid access to medical care and facilitate communication, and will coordinate prompt care. Following the initial evaluation, the player will receive an individualized treatment plan with resources to access the recommended treatment(s). The player will also be provided follow-up contact after the initial evaluation, along with copies of the evaluation results and treatment plans.