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Our Location

The Center for Sport is located on the uptown campus of Tulane University in New Orleans. As the Center expands programs and physical facilities, we have the flexibility to design services for new partners as needs arise. The mailing address for the Center is

Center for Sport at Tulane University
1315 Broadway Street
New Orleans, LA 70118


Phone 504-314-7169

About Tulane University

Basing the Center for Sport at Tulane provides two unique benefits for athletes. First, because Tulane is a nationally ranked research university, it has the resources to provide trustworthy, unbiased care and advice supported by its sports medicine, business, law, and mental health experts. The Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine will supply its extensive sports medicine diagnostic and treatment expertise to the Center, and the Tulane Sports Law Program and its nationally recognized director will provide guidance on the complex range of legal issues facing athletes. Tulane’s schools of Business, Social Work, Public Health and its Center for Aging will also be key parts of the Center. Second, the research capabilities generated by the university’s experts and facilities create the ability to conduct sophisticated, world-class research about the problems facing athletes. Ultimately, the Center aims to create new ways to treat and prevent athletes’ problems using research designed especially for them. This exceptional synergy created in the Center for Sport will help today’s athletes face their special challenges as they transition into and out of professional sports and will benefit tomorrow’s athletes with new, improved treatment and prevention.

About New Orleans

The university’s location in New Orleans places the Center in a premiere sports destination that embraces its own professional teams and hosts the biggest sporting events in the country including five NCAA Final Fours and ten Super Bowls. The Center for Sport’s home at a renowned research institution with sophisticated research capabilities in a sports destination city exclusively positions it to provide unparalleled benefits for the athlete today and well into the future.